Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I would like to promote this webiste via a post: http://www.oeko-news.com promotes news about economy in German. Various kinds of energy and saving it are described and documented.
I wanted to add some thoughts to my Inner Senses:
Of course, all human senses are "within". With Inner Senses I mean the part of anticipation, that is not visible in a physical body. My "inner eyes" or "inner ears" are an imagination to capture what is there. It is called synaesthesia, when feelings are connected with other sensations. This connection and communications happens haphazardly in content and with me, all the time, when I am not under pressure of stress, rush or other emotional tensions. Synaesthesia is not an illness or disability, but is in contrary an ability to connect thoughts and impressions, pictures and music, however. Famous examples are the painters Kandinsky, with his most beautiful abstracts, or Joan Miro, as much as I know:

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