Monday, November 12, 2007

My inner senses

I can "see" the pictures I want to paint, they are ready in my mind. Sometimes parts of them are ready and I adapt these parts to make a whole. Sketches of parts may be seen here, in my blog. I only sketch what I want to remember, the theme, but not the colors. The colors come by themselves, practically in my dreams. I learned how to make these vision stay in my brain, aka remember. It took me years to acquire the ability to direct my dreams into a direction I wanted to explore, or not. I let dreams go, when I think, I should learn something about my subconscious. So the idea came up, I would want to paint my daddy in a very old manner, like Van Eyck did or the other painters from the Netherlands. I mean the technique, here. Then the picture changed: I will rather express what I feel about my dad and put a solid color construction under it. I do not really want to paint daddy in a naturalistic way, because there are many photos, videos and audio files available. What makes the picture essentially focussed on expression is what I understand from the movements of feelings and thoughts I have. The love, the thankfulness, the sorrow and grief.

Since I wrote about my inner eye, I would like to add my inner ear, too: These days and with an 8-track computer program, it is possible for me to materialize what I hear with my inner ear. This is how I composed the . For his birthday, to thank the world and vibes and molecules never ending (and therefore have no beginning and end). It takes me some days to finish a song. Well, I thought this short text might help somebody´s inspiration. I will come up with another blog post about inspiration.

2 Conversations:

Rene said...

Hi Sybil. Nice to meet you. I'm interested in looking at your sketches but did not find them on your other site. Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough. Could you direct me?


Sybil Amber said...

Hi Rene, it is here I linked it through the text: Enjoy!