Monday, November 12, 2007

Finally, the blog is up again

I finished my maintenance work and I revised some code for the Anthropo Logic Diary. I changed the sidebar from right to left, it looks more like a newspaper, now. Simple. I would like to learn how to install some fine, black lines. This is what I intended. I keep working on my website and shop, I paint. I started to sketch my daddy playing music, I was watching the videos I found, over and over. Our dad died 29 years ago. I want to express the feelings I still have (after so many years) for my daddy in an oil painting: I thought this was the perfect way to do this. I did paint in oil, earlier, but I re-read the chapters about building an oil on canvas. It will be a Jazz painting, like I saw them, when I was a child. I had the canvas standing freely for a couple of months, now, to test it: It is a pre-manufactured white canvas. I sketch what can "see" in my brains with my "inner eyes", I do this on the canvas with ochre. No limits, no programs, just Jazz, feelings, color and me. I will present it in , I hope to be ready by spring or early summer.

Winter time has come and I rarely need to go the bureau. Instead of this I occupy myself with tricking out the software and adding lots of contributions. I added an Amazon media store but yesterday, it is . Of course I zipped it and added it to the contributions site at osCommerce.

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