Sunday, July 29, 2007

Please support idea: Anthropology for Kids

I carry this idea along with me, years now, I end up copying book for my nephews: Is there anyone out to support my work concerning an Anthropology for children and youth? Ideas anyone?

For instance: Collecting texts would be nice, by i. e. James Cook , editing them and adding maps and pictures. I already have bought some of these texts, like i. e. Johann R. Forster´s diary - in German. Perhaps we can start the project collaborating with the museum? I mean including professionals? Having theme evenings, later? Build games (I can´t)?

Basically I think about writing how this science evolved: Diaries and travel journals might be too long, but "short cuts" for children and youth - various editions for 5 - 10, and 10 - 15 and 15 - 18 year olds - including, for smaller ones, lots of maps, pictures and sketches, and explanations would do.

Please mail me at anthropology (at) chello (dot) at

Columbus Bordbuch: Christopher Columbus Bordbuch (German / Deutsch)

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