Sunday, July 29, 2007


This is my introduction for the bid of your vote. Not a political party, no: Just help me blog for a year. This means: You give me your vote, the more votes might make a winner.

I am Sybil Amber living in Vienna. I study Social and Cultural Anthropology. When I was small, I used to talk to my daddy as soon as he came home. He answered all my questions, that I collected the whole day. We talked about his music, which was Jazz. I learned about the when´s and why´s of Jazz music. I learned about slavery, despair, illness and death, things human beings did to human beings. I developed an interest for what human beings would do to each other, by asking for the reasons of their behavior. Thoughts, ideas and what human beings would do in the course of their lives to communicate with each other and what they would do to create their kind of societies, this was – and still is – what occupied my thoughts and reflections.

Yes, I thought about the reasons why I study Social and Cultural Anthropology. I remember having posed questions over and over, all day long. Whatever I heard or what was said, I commented. What stayed until today is for instance:

The Black people were stolen from Africa, they were made slaves and had to live in this metal huts in summer. Sixty degrees in the hut and fifty on the cotton field.

Well, do have to say more than this: I painted myself all Black. I used shoepaste or water color. I learned, that all the Jazz songs have a meaning, deeper than the ocean, that was left behind. Please read the Strange Fruit lyrics for it. Billie Holiday, the All-American Girl, sung about the

Strange fruit hanging on a poppy tree - ...

Poppy tree has a special meaning, most of the lyrics texts write poplar tree. People are discussing lots about where this word Jazz comes from. Thanks to my -our - daddy, always.

I´m going to research about this early Jazz: If you want to contribute your opinion and views, please feel free to mail me!

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