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[Anthropo Logic] Ethno - Cyborgs Resistance

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For today I was browsing citations:

One of the first websites I found about anthroplogical citation, was this: Link to Browse by citation - AnthroBase - Social and Cultural Anthropology: A searchable database of anthropological texts. Since I do not search for special contents, I decided in preference of reading and commenting this article, which deals with Ethno - Cyborgs and Cyber - Immigrants:


Gomez - Pena, Guillermo (2000): Ethno - Cyborgs und genetisch konstruierte Mexikaner., In: Huettler, Michael (2000)(Hg.): Aufbruch zu neuen Welten: Theatralitaet an der Jahrtausendwende., Pp. 307 - 321.

  1. Project "The Ethno - Cyberpunk Trading Post & Curio Shop On The Electronic Frontier": Begin 1994. Performance and Internet project concerning human transformation from private to public spaces including motion from the ritual to virtual context. Components: a. Performance artists and the public work together in the "human exhibition area" in techno - tribal Science Fiction environments. b. Website installation providing an ethnographic questionnaire to collaborate with the performance. c. Communication with the audience was collected and published by means of transposition into the performance as much as possible.
  2. Project "Temple of Confessions"
  3. Project "Reverse Anthropology"
  4. "The Museum of Frozen Identity": Soundtracks and film project including the "Musuem of Experimental Ethnography".

Here is an unordered list of related links:

  1. Ethno-cyborgs and Genetically engineered Mexicans : Please see the menu for performance texts and more info.
  2. Artfacts Listing: Performance Data
  3. Wired: Article January 1997 called Confessions of a Webback by Evantheia Schibsted.
  4. Create your own: Cultural Other
  5. Armstrong, Rhiannon (2005): Performing Identity in the Digital Age
  6. Hunt, David: A Cross - Cultural Verbal Explosion, Wired 05:02 AM Dec, 16, 1997

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