Sunday, October 28, 2007

I discovered ...

... some old tapes! They show the Barrelhouse Jazzband of the 60ies in Vienna. Not suffice to say, they are great. This is the kind of music I like to hear. I like the interpretation and improvisation of Jazz songs composed, for instance, by Count Basie. I still start to cry, when I hear Lonesome World and my daddy´s horn. The interview preceding Lonesome World and I Got Rythm show Guenther Schifter asking first Horstl Bichler, then Otti Kitzler, Franz Bilik and Peter Hoffmann. Schifter tries to get out the most of them, well, musicians are people, who prefer to communicate in sounds. Courtesy of ORF Austria I added, but left everthing else unedited. However, the music is the message. The tapes I found must have been our mum´s, I copied them to DVD. These tapes are of Jazz historical value, I think.

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