Friday, August 17, 2007

Critique Of Creativity

I found this book on the news board of the library. I think the issue of Creativity is a central and vital one for artists, as well as it is for publishers, critics and art consumers. Theories of Creativity are questioned in the first part of the book, four authors discuss effects, politics, reasons and values of art in nowadays society. Part two informs the reader about Industries of Creativity: What is meant by this phrasing? It reminds me on the late eighties installations and implementations of Art, especially the sociolect having been used by some artists in Vienna, then. Four writers explain the philosophy behind Creative Industries, one of them gives an example of the development of micro economics and influence on arts in London. The third part offers insights into precarious situations of artists and art production. Part four presents thoughts on critique by artists, social critique and communication. Finally, Art and Innovation offers not only a historical view on Impressionism, we also learn, that joking was an example of how tightly the approach to creativity is laced.

The book is written in German, published by Turia & Kant at Kritik der Kreativitaet, here are the contents in *.pdf.

Raunig, Gerald / Wuggenig, Ulf (Ed.) (2007) Kritik der Kreativitaet. republicart 6. Wien: Turia & Kant

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