Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thru Out The World: warehouse of artifacts

Thru Out The World: warehouse of artifacts: This is a videolist dedicated to art work. I update at least one month, suggestions are welcome. With this channel on YouTube I try to find art related videos. I thought this was a good idea to hear about art and an easy way to deliver art experience. Of course, the questions arises about what is an art video and whose videos would be eligible: I started with little gems, I found inspiration, too. The warehouse of artifacts represents the idea of random found objects in the internet, these obejcts are listed like in a warehouse, but they cannot be bought by itself. These objets trouves were not posted to be sold on purpose, they are published by individuals, who want to find a bigger audience to expose their art related work. Classics, like Yoko Ono´s vids, are added because of their singularity. Please feel free to notify me about your video.

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