Friday, June 29, 2007


What an incident! Joe Zawinul´s Syndicate is out and about again. I have collected some Jazz vids, old and new, like Weather Report´s music, and a short history about how Jazz evolved in America out of slavery, poverty, dispair, sickness, depression, and diaspora:

In Professor Kubik´s book Africa and the Blues the student learns:

"Historically oriented research on the blues embraces several disparate areas of inquiry:
1. The study of musical, literary, and social factors leading in the late nineteenth century to the grdual development of a new, distinct genre of accompanied solo song in rural areas of the South - a genre that would later be labeled `blues`.
2. The study of the remote history of this previously unnamed genre´s musicostructural and literary characteristics with regard to their origins in African and other cultures.
3. The study of the developments and changes that took place in the blues after the first publication of sheet music versions in 1912 and commercial gramophone records beginning in 1920.
4. The study of influences exerted by the blues and its contemporary rural and urban derivatives upon other types of American music and upon other musical cultures of the world from the 1920s to the present." (Kubik 1999: 3)

Kubik, Gerhard (1999) Africa and the Blues. U. S. A.: University Press of Mississippi

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