Thursday, July 14, 2005

July 14

This is me - waiting, waiting, waiting for the van to come. 1990. I found the photo in my California photo map. 2001 pictures will follow, I was in L. A. from February till July, then in London. Poor and without money. London airport bomb warning included, they cleared all of the airport. I did not like London, but I loved to stay in Los Angeles. I still work to live and work there. Hard Wired was I in CyberJava on the corner of La Brea and Hollywood Boulevard, spring 2001. CyberJava was the Inet Cafe across the street. I got to know L. A. well that year, I loved to take the bus to the beach and see the huge cactus, bigger than myself. Mostly, I took the bus on SM Boulevard directly going to the beach. I liked the fog on the beach, I liked the sand between my toes and I liked the birds, who sang in the night. I saw these little rainbow animals, who looked like small Jurassic Park Brontosaurus. The girls told me, they were poisoned, so I did not catch them. I still keep the VCards and I hope my card arrived at Hollywood PD to say thank you for the wonderful help.

I wrote an article about my reflections of socio - cultural anthropology work, I published it here in German. Sometimes I prefer to write in English, but in scientific text production the use of the English language is still a little hard for me. I will have to develop my English for scientific purposes, perhaps do the TOEFL, which I dislike. Commas are one of the problems I have, orthography also changes over here, it feels like they steal my language skills...

I am happy about my hollidays, now, I can learn for my tests in August and October. I hope, that I can finish my first "Studienabschnitt" in October. Having no monies to buy things is worse than I thought, therefore I want to achieve all best tests, as much as I can. Kinship Studies test comes near, I plundered my purse today, I would like to buy a good book about Kinship. As much as I saw today, it costs fifty Euro (- bones, shout, skull - twentyfive Euro, only -), it is written by Linda Stone. No further results until today, but my nephews have received their final test papers by the end of June, I was happy, all ones. They´d like to own knives to carve wood and other things, perhaps I´ll find some beautiful ones.

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