Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Oh, how I like these lectures, today we learned about Stings. Not the one from Police, but the Reggae contest. I hope, that I can find the DVDs somewhere in shops. Dr. Zips talked about theoretical notions, that - finally - come together with praxeology and empirical research in my mind. I received one funny email today, people wanted to tell me how I should think about myself, and I have to say, this is what I dislike. When I wrote, that I would want to get rid of theories, I didn´t mean to disrespect science or scientists´ efforts to explain reality. I rather attempted to express, that I plan to learn all the theories with my big interest in scientific contexts. Then I would like to apply my knowledge "in the field" - the anthropological fields. "Rid" means to me, to use my acquired knowledge in being consciously aware, that I cannot - no way - project theory on human beings. Jeepers, that´s what I tried to express. I got to go home soon, it is seven already, I´ve been busy all day.

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