Sunday, October 14, 2007

This somebody on screen I know

inspired this post, perhaps it is useful to my readers. I first will post my comment on :

Dear Andrea, it is not strange: People on video or TV or on a stage are like you and - well - me. Just ask yourself: Did you have this feeling, when you met me? No, you didn´t, because you did not know I was on TV, on stage or in videos. It makes no difference, most likely. It will happen to you more and more, because videos on YouTube and the like will be a standard in the future. Do you have this feeling, when you meet somebody, who has a website? Probably, no. And this is only a broadcast, too. See? You ARE one of the broadcasting people, too! It doesn´t even adhere to money or richness or reputation: It is nothing, when you are not payed for your work, I tell you. It is a job like every job else. ... Kind regards, Sybil

In fact it is so, that all those stories are not true. Whatever story, one might think, "Well, she was an actor and she was on TV" or "She has recorded two LPs"; I take these examples from my experience. I do not know what is strange by "seeing" somebody on the screen, you know. I am used to people, who treat me differently, because in a moment they know this or that, let me say, "I know your dad, he was a talented musician". The point is, that it makes no difference, to perform means to work. It is a job like every job else. It is not even better paid.

My motto always was, "Be famous and rich, not a bitch", this is a line of a song text performed by Hannes and my brother, and their band. Just strat your acting course or perform with your band and try to think, "What you see is what you get". This is what I did. People would destroy you, if you were all open and what they would call great. Hundreds and thousands of people attempted to perform, if this is the magic ... I was in Hollywood, because I believed in me and what I did, and you know something? The best police in the world, the officers of the LAPD Hollywood did to help me out! You know, Andrea, everybody is a little human being in this world, a menshlyne, somehow. Do you think it is a kind of courage you assume yourself to have a lack of? Do you adore creativity, somehow? Andrea and all other readers, be it as it may, you have your life and you are your own boss ... this is what I wanted to add. Have questions, go here to the , I will answer as good as I can.

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