Friday, October 05, 2007

Kunstasyl: Art and Asyl in Not

This very sympathetic group called offers the opportunity to acquire objects of art and support refugees and migrants at the same time: will take place in Vienna . More than 90 Austrian artists offer more than 100 works of art to support ´s work by offering . Asyl in Not is an organsiation to support asylum seeker in Austria, over and over. Many families, although they lived and worked in Austria for five or more years, were exposed to ministerial officers, who repetitively dumped them. Local politicians and communities in contrary helped these mainly poor people, whose families were detached in the middle of the night without warnings. Children cannot even speak the language of the countries they were deported to ... mothers do not know about their under age children ... the minister himself uttered in a local news broadcast, that the officers "were only practising Austrian laws". The minister is of the same political party, namely OeVP, that cooperate(d) with the right-wing FPOe in parliament. Two thirds of the uniformed officers in this country vote for the FPOe, as much as I know.

Please forward this message and support Human Rights for grown-ups and Children´s Rights. Please forward to people, who can afford these pictures! If you cannot be there, please write a to Director Otto Hans Ressler at Im Kinsky Kunst Auktionen, the address is Freyung 4, 1010 Vienna, Austria, Europe. Fax #: 0043153242009. Thank you!

Art Auction: Austrian Artists donate their works of art to support the organisation Asyl in Not
When:Mittwoch, Oktober 24, 2007 3:00
Lehargasse 6
Vienna, Vienna 1060   Austria Tags: , , , ,
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