Friday, September 28, 2007


Two days ago there was a new ticker on TV: They showed what and the abuse by police, on air. and here the Taser webiste with categories in , and . A taser is an apparatus, that fires arrows with barbed hooks on electric strings into a human being´s body. The electric power has a voltage of 50 000, as reported in , recently. Hakuryuu wrote about in . There are some about some cases of police violence.

It seems we are back in times of legalized torture:

1 Over here they said the voltage would count at 50.000, as much as I remember. However, voltage of any kind affects the rythm of the heart. When an electric current diverts heartbeats, permanent damage of the heart is - most -  likely.
2 Those arrows have barbed hooks: These things are not even used for animals, anymore. In contrary, they were cancelled, because of cruelty.
3 Did you already hear, that 80% percent of the Western Society cannot be called healthy - and therefore "taser resistent"? Not everybody is sporting daily or thrice a week, depressions are called a quite common illness (don´t know the exact term in English) and all these people have to take medication. Let me say it the other way round: Do you know people, who are "top fit" and take no medications in the average population?

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