Saturday, September 29, 2007

PPP challenges the future

I heard about PayPerPost, when I surfed random blogs. To be exact, I found the promotion button on the me blog by a blue eyed girl. I was so impressed, that I decided to grab the opportunity, which would be excellently working for me, immediately. I study and I learn how to write in a variety of formats, for instance essays in scientific text production, seminar papers or even books. My teacher said, “Write every day, have a diary, keep a journal of what you do.” Off I went and started to blog about relevant topics related to Social and Cultural Anthropology on a regular basis. I comment on a student´s life and times full of advice, news and references to share them.

I appreciate the PayPerPost style, which is informative, down-to-earth and straightforward. I was pleased by the chance to write about the things I love and to pay my bills at the same time. PayPerPost is a lively community, full of news and mirroring the democratic intention of the internet given by the team´s guidelines. I was convinced of the friendly marketing and clear performance, instantly. I learned how to register for blogrings and how to promote my work, because of PPP´s suggestions how to list my blogs and expose my posts. I made a lot of friends in only one week´s time and not only posties! This is a business concept to shape the future and it has blog ethics – bring in yourself, your thoughts and unique creativity – take the challenge at PayPerPost.

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