Thursday, September 27, 2007

Review: Hotel Reservations

I will start my review of the Hotel Reservations website with the critique on the design: And it is positive! The site is built like an easily overviewed blog and has tabs to browse four categories, namely Hotel, Vacation Rental, Car and Air. Three columns divide the seeking tourist´s first page, they are organized by fields of interest. Additonally, currencies can be adjusted to a traveller´s needs. International booking opportunities are given, phone numbers are provided to call toll free. To catch a first impression, simply go to to the site in English, French, German or Italian. Spanish is also available, the second language in the U. S. A. and not only there spoken by millions of people around the world.

The Discount Club membership link offers a monthly newsletter to stay informed about Best deals from around the world. A simple search box offers to fill in your favourite city and the dates of arrival and departure, as well as the number of persons and the number of rooms needed. My test search for Los Angeles and two adults took three seconds to result in 26 local hotels. Each result shows off valuations in stars, on bottom of the page are more options listed: Specified brands or landmarks may be entered, and there is a long list to choose Los Angeles town locations. Suppose you want to live in Hollywood next to the Chinese theatre – type it in. No? You would prefer Venice Beach with its beautiful coastline? Just click on it. If you prefer to use Vacation Rentals and cater yourselves, simply choose the region of desire.

I was impressed by the accuracy of information delivered. Credit Card Safety is guaranteed, Special Internet Rates save money and time. The Lodging FAQ section includes explanations about how to make and confirm reservations, in case of a change of the mind reservations can be cancelled online. No change or cancellation fees!

Written by Sybil Amber for Hotel Reservations 2007 via PayPerPost

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