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One of the best resources online is published and updated regularly by the Internet Infidels: - the Secular Web offers a drop of reason in a pool of confusion. There is the News Wire for freethinkers, and internet radio by the Infidel Guy, also. The pamphlet provides a description for the services and this list is international.

What is Atheism? I explain atheism like this: Atheism is the absence - but not the lack (atheist do not lose religion or miss it) - of religion or religious behavior. It is the non-existence of belief in entities, a diety or more, often associated with the imagination of (the) supernatural(s), (a) "soul(s)" or "spirit(s)" in material things or symbols or intangible assets, or the non-presence or voidness of any religious acts or agency. Atheism to me is not only agnosia and the denial of a belief in god(s) or similar entities, it is a state of mind, an approach and a view of life without the performance of such.

Beliefs are projections of human thoughts into human environment, beliefs represent assumptions of accuracy of human thought and human existence in the world. Human thoughts are insofar true, valid and inherent, as human communicative processes, and therefore languages, too, are systems to create and to adopt human reality called life. Communication makes human reality together posessed experience and knowledge. Religions are cultural phenomena, here are some explanations at Wikipedia, Durkheim´s theory of the sacred and the profane or the AnthroBase papers tagged Religion.

Events: There is for instance the 2007 AAI "Crystal Clear Atheism" convention online: The Atheist Alliance International promotes a life free from religious intrusions and offers the opportunity of debate about the philosophy of atheism, online. The 2007 Conference of the Center for Inquiry takes place at The New York Academy of Sciences to report about reason and secularism in America. Student freethinkers, scholars and others will speak about Secularism through History, A Time of Challenge and Opportunity or Science and the Public.

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