Tuesday, August 21, 2007


blackaustria announces its program on blackaustria.at: Black people in Austria still have lots of problems. Discrimination - see also: ENAR Fact Sheet on multiple, compound and intersectional discrimination (*.pdf, 119,62 KB) - is still a part of day-by-day life in Austria. blackaustria therefore started a so-called communication campaign to explain and train reductions of prejudices. Biased opinions, ignorance and partiality derive from little knowledge, stereotypes need enlightenment. Individuals may support community work by writing articles in their blogs, papers or reports. This is why I will implement this banner on Anthropologic Diary, I feel deeply moved by having been invited for a project presentation. I would like to direct you to these studies published, they are in German and relate to the impact of the communication campaign on a. elders, b. people without High School Diploma in Vienna and c. the Black Community.

This party has Leiberltausch as its motto, T - Shirts will be presented this evening in September.

This project won with the Sozialmarie 2007 in the category new and innovative social projects!

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