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Morgan: The Indian Journals 1859 - 1862

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[Buchklappentext:] "Considered by many the “father” of American anthropology, Lewis Henry Morgan (1818 – 1881) was among the most eminent scientists of the nineteenth century. Friend and colleague of thinkers like Charles Eliot Norton, Henry Adams and Thomas Huxley, Morgan carried out influental work on the kinship systems of American Indians and throughout his life championed the rights of Indians against white oppression. His theories on social and cultural evolution and the role of property in cultural evolution influenced a braod range of thinkers, including Marx and Engels.

From 1859 to 1862, in order to gather field data on Indian kinship systems, Morgan traveled extensively in Kansas and Nebraska, as well as ascending the Missouri River to Montana. He was an acute and resourceful observer and a faithful reporter with a fine sense of scientific inquiry – qualities that stood him in good stead when he prepared the journals reproduced in the present volume. Wide-ranging and highly readable, these writings contain not only detailed accounts of the kinship systems of the tribes Morgan encountered, but also invaluable material on Indian social organization, the office of chieftainship, dances and ceremonies, mortuary customs and many other topics, as well as a wealth of data on climate, flora, fauna, topography and natural resources. Throughout, the text is enlivened by the author´s lively descriptions of his encounters with a parade of colorful frontier characters: Indian agents, missionaries, emigrants, traders, settlers, and, of course, Indians.

Reproduced here with valuable introductory chapters by anthropologist Leslie A. White, Morgan´s Indian Journals comprise a landmark work in anthropological and Native American studies. They offer absorbing and informative reading to scientists and lay readers alike."


Chapter I Lewis Henry Morgan: His Life and His Researches 1
Chapter II Kansas and Nebraska in 1859 15
Chapter III About the Journals 22
Chapter IV Journal of a Visit to Kansas and Nebraska in May and June, 1859 25
Chapter V Notes of a Visit to Kansas and Nebraska in May and June, 1860 83
Chapter VI Journal of a Visit to Pembina and Fort Garry on the Red River of the North in July and August, 1861 119
Chapter VII Journal of an Expedition to the Rocky Mountains by the Missouri River in May, June, and July, 1862 151
Notes 233
Indexs 275

Morgan, Lewis Henry (1993): The Indian Journals 1859 - 62. Edited, and with an introduction, by Leslie A. White. New York: Dover Publications, Inc. [Originally published in 1959: Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press]

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