Thursday, August 17, 2006


And in the end: SQL
EndNote refuses to work with my Word2003. Neither the Tools>EndNote functions react, nor the bar in Word2003. The templates are a big plus, but having chosen my own template, I had to see, that the reference-in-text disappears as soon as I create a bibliography. Then all in-text-marks are gone, but the bibliography is complete. I did not find out yet, how I can edit the output tmeplate to my needs. End Note is a reference manager, but does not automatically add citation texts to the database, as much as I could see. Having created a style .ens-file, it does not open.
Now I try to setup the Wikindx on SQL Express…hope it works. Bbaylon translation software does not like me to create a glossary. askSam software is down much too often. My registry cleaner program is quite busy, I do not want to buy software, that does not work. I enjoyed testing, but I think of really focusing on my MS Office, it runs and works.

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