Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Love, Dear!

[Fwd: Re: [Cultural Anthropology] Social Darwinist?]

This is what I found in my EMail Inbox, today: Since I am NOT a "Lefty Commie America-hater", but in fact I love the Americas, I would love to live and work in the U. S. A. I support NGO´s like Human Rights Watch, Amnesty Int´l or some Green Party initiatives via Inet, this is no secret.

Over here in Europe Neo - Darwinism and "the survival of fittest" has led to neo - liberal coldness. There is no reason to call me names, too. It is only, that I think what I want.

The fittest do not survive, because they are what I call neo - liberitarian automats of right wing society: Repeating and acting from patterns. More free human beings in contrary search for "niches", they may act reasonably spontaneous and therefore acquire and support change, variety, differences and above all, I think, they would not write letters like you did, Rittberg. Phantasy and imagination is one of core abilites, that you might lack - and interpretation. Discussion on a scientific level is definitely more interesting, than exchanging EMails with you.


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Betreff: Re: [Cultural Anthropology] Social Darwinist?
Datum: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 16:34:28 -0700 (PDT)
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Wrong. Dead wrong in fact.
Yoh asshole, Spencer WAS A LIBERTARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why is it that every mother-fucking Lefty Commie America-hater in the world
thinks that if it's Right-wing it must be Conservative.
Libertarians are Right Wing too! There may be some Conservatives who subscribe to Spencerian theory, but their numbers are few and far between.
Most Spencerians are PROUD LIBERTARIANS!!!!

Sybille Amber
Dear Eric Dondero Rittberg!

Thank you for your invitation, I have no interest to discuss a theory, which is
1 more than a hundred years old,
2 prooven wrong,
3 Neo - Darwinist and
4 biologically centered.

I study socio - cultural anthropology and most of the old theories are only left for history. Spencer´s survival of the fittest was probably meant another way, but turned out to form an argument for people, whose orientation could be called conservative or fundamentalist.

Kind regards,
Sybil Amber

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