Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Superdome of Shame article speaks out. Poverty is assumed "suspect" everywhere, I think. I am outraged by int´l non - coop.

My questions are:
1 Who were the people, who could not take the trains and busses, because they were not accepted, ALTHOUGH the US government ordered complete evacuation some 48 hours before Katrina struck the gulf?
2 How many expressively wanted to stay in New Orleans?
3 Does anybody think it inhuman to plunder for water and food in such a disasterous situation? The opposite would proof non - human behaviour, I think.

The aspect of racism is another issue in this case: I am ashamed of these rail workers and bus drivers and car owners, who did not care and filled up their transportation, because I have a dream, too. Some lines I wrote recently:

I want to know,
Where to go,
does anybody know,
they said no.

I wish you all well.

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