Monday, July 04, 2005

California & Mexico 1990

Here are some photos I shot in Tijuana, Mexico and Los Angeles, Venice in 1990. Well, true, this is already long ago, but the pictures still show a lot of impressions I had then and now. I was 26 years old and I think I started to grow up....
This is wonderful Venice, amidst Los Angeles near the beach:

Here we are in Venice Beach in Los Angeles:

Sunset near the beach:

Crossing the border:

Tijuana architecture:

Tijuana Supermarket from the inside:

Tijuana skyline:

Tijuana Taxi. One always feels like in the movies...

Having a drink inbetween. This is me, the photo could also have been shot in San Diego:

Bye, bye, Mexico:

No U - Turns, please:

Laguna Beach: Diet Center

Laguna Beach Diet Center: A little bird called Kolibri (blue on the pic, in the tree, right hand)

Laguna Beach breakfast view:

Our Seacliff motel´s fridge was too small for us and our guests:

Sleeping beauties: Waltraud, left & Sybil (me), right

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