Thursday, June 02, 2005


A kind of diary concerning socio - cultural anthropology, a notebook for thoughts considered in producing text scientific. Ideas, mind games and some days more...How do I think about my work, I often ask myself behind all these books and letters and alphabets and papers. How will I keep track of my intentions, that come to me like little ghosts during lectures, talks or in the bus? My thoughts are so fast, that even speaking sometimes seems to slow for me - did anybody ever invent a thought recorder, or cognition catcher? A dream catcher - I couldn´t find one until today. No art lessons today, but a little talk about intelligence leaves me preparing for my tests. This will be a "busy summer", learning and getting used for intellectual work: to get rid of theoretical problem solving, "jumping" into thee waters of interviewing, face 2 face conversations, making photos and concerning the business. Today I read about Weltfluechtlingstag 2005, perhaps I will see Wanako´s pictures on 4th of July at the Rabenhofgalery, Saturday Night Fever is called sanibonani placed in TUEWI and 30th of June. Sanibonani means hallo or good evening in Zulu lingo. I was invited to see Schiller´s Raeuber in Schauspielhaus. Some works I have to finish these days, write and rewrite, until I feel good in publishing them. Tomorrow I will join my nephews and their friends in the countryside, we will have lots of fun together. I wonder, if they will like my socio - cultural anthropology for children.

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