Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents

This is an important chapter relating to the internet. Please read the handbook provided by the Reporters Sans Frontieres under this link: Julien Pain is the head of the Internet Freedom desk at this organisation, he writes,

Bloggers need to be ananonymous when they are putting out information that risks their safety. The cyber-police are watching and have become expert at tracking down "trouble-makers".  [...] This advice is of course not for those (terrorists, racketeers or pedophiles), who use the internet to commit crimes. The handbook is ismply to help bloggers encountering opposition because of what they write to maintain their freedom of expression."

In the handbook follows a list of blog tools and platforms, some hints to promote a blog and a report about internet censorship. Reporters Sans Frontiers offer a .

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Book Calendar said...

A little paranoia keeps the wheels greased.

No, but seriously, there is no such thing as privacy. If it is on an electronic medium it is not secure.

A secure computer is a computer in your basement with no connection to the internet with its own powers source.

Opposition is a good thing, it makes your blog more known. The light of day is often the best protection for freedom of expresson.

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