Monday, October 22, 2007

I get used to ...

... the Open Source software. I learn php-scripting and today I managed to configure some files on MySQL server. Anyway, the Open Journal Software does not yet work, I could not define the ReadMe properly. I enrolled to participate in the support forums, to install my journal. I implemented a cms system to my commercial site, some hours went by until I realized I have to place a line of code rather above the other definition rows. Tomorrow, I will design some banners and buttons, plus merge with the osCommerce software: Many useres have stored and updated them. I browsed thousands of them, recently, although I did not find a template I liked. I will change colors and the frontpage text and - sufficiently in html. For now. I will write about how to deploy php-files, properly, I find the documentations quite confusing for beginners.

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