Friday, September 28, 2007

Bingo! Pingo!

Pingo´s phone card international is a virtual prepaid calling card. Forget about hundreds of Euro- or Dollar- bills in your mailbox after holidays. Did you ever call your friend in vacation, when shopping or dining out? I did. My prepaid calling card was freshly loaded while shopping in Trieste, Italy. I could not find my partner in life and my Italian was too weak to explain, what I wanted from the bag I wished to buy. I called him, I was talking for some minutes and - you name it - my prepaid balance was gone. I realized, because my service´s friendly operator voice reminded me, "You have to top up your credits. Find a retail partner by dialing our service partners in Italy, please." Well, this was before the new laws published were applicable in Europe this year and how could I dial without having had credits? Average rates are high using a mobile for long-distance calls, still.

Pingo offers and without hidden or other additional charges and fees. Pingo RateWatcher controls your for as low as 1,8 cents a minute. Here is your special phone card blog discount coupon: With the code “ppp3” readers of this blog get a 3$ savings coupon, if they sign up from this post. Based on the iBasis network´s state-of-the-art technology, cooperates with industry leaders like Cisco Systems. This is the reason why cost-saving calls in over 30 countries are available. Simply register with Pingo to make a call, dial the local toll-free access number and enter your details. Then dial the country code, area code and a given number - your connection is established in clear and reliable quality. Bingo - prepaid calling cards by !

Written by Sybil Amber for Pingo 2007: PayPerPost

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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