Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Die Weisse Massai

The German title reveals, I read the book in German. How come? Well, I was enjoying my holidays. I thought I go to the bookshop and look for something to read in the sun. Corinne Hofmann tells her story, emotional, easy to read - in short sentences, and the reader has the impression to be right in the middle of her adventure. She describes, how she fell in love with Lktinga, where she met him first: On the ship. Her involvation in African live and the daily routine can be easily traced. The book is an easy to read love story, and from the anthropological view one can learn some words and meanings. There are follow ups for even more holidays in the sun called Zurueck aus Afrika and Wiedersehen in Barsaloi.

Hofmann, Corinne (2000) Die weisse Massai. Muenchen: A1 Verlag


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