Friday, August 12, 2005

The Crown

Instead of any arguments by Austrian officials, I found this group in commerce for regaining the stolen Mexican Crown, nowadays stored in the Vienna / AT / EU Mueseum of Ethnology. I would very much support an open discussion about this issue, because I not only study Socio - Cultural Anthropologies, but some of my professors mentioned, that "nobody" would want this famous and prestigious peace of pre - colonial testimony back. Dr. Christian Feest, who is now director of the museum, might be interested in this group of people, I saw performing traditional music in a mall in the 15th district of Vienna. Dr. Verena Traeger, who teaches museum services and paedagogics in presenting art, did not know about any claims, when I asked by the end of the semester 2005. Expressively, I do not want to discredit professors and doctors, but I hope to start a discussion about colonial violence, thefts and colonial treaties, which, as we know from some examples, of course were not fairly achieved, but forced, and always connected to physical and psychological violence. We know nowadays, that by the arrival of Christian churches in the Americas, Syphilis spread all over the continent and killed thousands.

I shot the pics in downtown Vienna today, hoping to provoce talks. I know, that stolen goods have to be fought for, and I know about the public hand, a slow machinery and controlling argument. My family was huge - more than hundreds of persons, and rich until the Nazis murdered systematically - nobody ever can pay mney for these social networks forever gone, nobody ever can give back the goods, handicraft of goldsmiths from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which were stolen. I simply want to be sure every day, that I did all I can and to my best knowledge, to make this world a better place: for us and our children.

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